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Sangria is a staple at any restaurant, a great go-to and a fantastic drink for the summer time; ours is a staff and customer favourite!

Some tips for a great sangria

Be Creative

Adding in interesting liqueurs and fruits can make a big difference in flavour
Plan ahead and mix everything the night before
Presentation is everything, do it for the ‘Gram and make sure to have lots of different toppings to add when your guests are pouring themselves a glass, it will make for great photos from all the different colours and ingredients!

For Example:

In white sangria some great flavours to add are peach and orange liqueurs, try a peach schnapps and some grand marnier, if you’re adding fruit mix everything up a night before your party to really let all the flavours mix together!

For red sangria one combination we use and swear by is Cassis, a black currant liqueur its sweet and full flavour really helps accentuate and enhance the flavour of the red wine. Tart diced apples are also a great addition to a red wine sangria to add a little more flavour with the added orange juice.

Our red and white sangria available in pitchers or by the glass!